Le samedi 25 novembre 2017 par Dams G


RVCA – Toy Machine Surfer Antique :

Afin de réchauffer les coeurs en cette fin d’année, nous venons de recevoir au Street Shop la collab’ RVCA x TOY MACHINE !!!

RVCA – Toy Machine Thickness Rouge :

“The collab was a no-brainer. Both companies place importance on authenticity in their teams, artwork, and ways we approach our business. Since I have been doing Toy Machine since 1993 and working with RVCA since 2003 what would be organic and authentic than for both companies to work together to offer a line of clothes that is the love-child of us coming together? The spawn of our union includes T-Shirts, flannel, hats, socks, a vest, limited edition skateboard decks and even a women’s swimsuit!’ — Ed Templeton

RVCA – Coach Jacket Marine :


RVCA – Toy Machine Trooper Khaki Foncé :

La collection RVCA x TOY MACHINE est disponible au Street Shop, 30 rue Yves Collet, 29200 Brest ainsi que sur notre Site internet : http://www.side-shore.com/Marques/118/rvca

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